If you've decided to follow Jesus for the first time, then congratulations! If you haven't yet made that exciting step, then we've got loads of useful links that can help you discover more...

Alpha courses:

An Alpha course is a course run by churches nationwide, for anyone with questions about God. You don't have to know God, you don't have to be intellectual and you don't have to pay! Simply turn up and receive a free meal, hear a short talk and discuss the big questions of life.

Get in touch if you are interested in Alpha, and we can arrange for you to get involved in a local Alpha course.

If you would like to know more about Cu or Church or just have a chat with someone please feel free to Contact Esther Collier who will be around on a Monday Night.

Christianity Explored courses:

Christianity Explored is a follow on course from Alpha (can still be done if you haven't done Alpha already). It is designed for those who have just decided to follow Jesus and want to learn a bit more about God and the Bible.


Get in touch if you are interested in Christianity Explored, and we can arrange for you to get involved in a course run by one of our local churches.

Useful websites:

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