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Every September, we run a 5 week church search at the beginning of Semester 1, to give freshers a chance to visit local churches in Winchester with current students.
If you missed this last year, do get in contact with us and we'd love to accompany you to a service if you don't want to turn up alone.

Christ Church Winchester

Services: 9.30am, 11.15 am, 6pm (students usually attend 6pm service)

Student Worker:  Louise Grainger 

Lousie's Email:

Take note:  4 minutes from Uni!

Hope Church

Services: 10am

Student Worker: Katie Birss

Katie's Email:

Take note: Hope Church is a vibrant city-centre church of all ages and backgrounds meeting at the Middle Brook Centre.

Level 10 Church Stanmore

Services: 10am

Student Worker: Kirsten Knight

Kirsten's Email:

Take note: They put on a variety of student events throughout the year and encourage students to join life groups to integrate fully into the church family.

Redeemer Church

Services: 10am, or Redeemer Students at 5:45pm

Senior Pastor: Jonny Clifton

Jonny's Email:

Take note:

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Services: 10.30am

Student Worker: Amy Bell

Amy's Email:

Take Note: Vineyard is a 25 minute walk from campus, or there are lifts from the University reception at 10am if you don't feel like walking!

Winchester Baptist Church

Services: 10am and 6.30pm

Student Worker: Caroline Feltham King

Caroline's Email:

Take Note: The smaller student population means students are frequently invited to lunch with various families after church!

Winchester Evangelical Church

Services: 11am and 6.30pm

Student Worker: There is currently no student worker.

Email: Please email to make contact.

Take Note: This is the most 'traditional' church amongst those attended by students however has a small and welcoming atmosphere.

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There are also many other brilliant churches in Winchester, however these are the churches we find most of our students going to and are the churches that will be included on the church search. We are more than happy to accompany you to another church not featured here such as:
Winchester Catholic church:
Winchester Salvation Army Corp:
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